The Warlords are almost here – Get up to speed with 6.0!

He was not prepared...Okay, they’re not quite here yet – but the pre-patch is. And there sure are a damn lot of changes and features, and you don’t want to get caught off-guard! (or do you…?)

  • The Iron Horde is coming! As a prelude to the “Warlords of Draenor” expansion, the Iron Horde has invaded the Blasted Lands and Upper Blackrock Spire. Make sure to visit these areas for a Feat of Strength, a title, a battle pet, and all-new ilvl 550 loot.
  • New character models: They won’t make your face any less ugly, but at least you can now be ugly in high definition. Unless you are a Blood Elf.
  • Class changes: Many classes and specs are getting considerable changes, and a lot of abilities are being removed alongside them. Over at Icy Veins there are some useful guides to make getting up to date with your character considerably less painful.
  • Stat squish: Yup! No more 1-million-plus hits, or similarly huge HP pools. Everything is getting downscaled (aka “nerfed”) to more manageable numbers. Don’t despair, both damage and health remain similar (relative to current levels) so that stuff is as hard, and takes just as long as it does today – it will just take a while to get used to the smaller numbers!
  • Other Stat changes: Dodge, Parry, Hit and Expertise are getting removed. In its place, you’ll get Crit, Haste or Mastery. All classes scale with these stats now (even tanks) so nothing is lost in the process. New stats such as Mulstistrike and Versatility, won’t be widely available until the expansion.
  • Reforging is removed, as are many gems. Along with the removal of stats, Reforge has been removed (which will restore all of your items to their standard stat distribution) and many gems have been changed or replaced.
  • Raiding and Flexing like a boss! Normal-mode raiding is getting Flex scaling (from 10 to 30 people) making grouping easier than ever. Keep in mind that Flex is gone – normal mode is now the level 540 raid, heroic mode is the level 553 one, and finally Mythic is what used to be “heroic” until now – but limited to a fixed 20-man raid size. Oh, and Garrosh is dropping shiny heirlooms more than ever. Grab yours while you can!
  • Justice and Valor gone! That’s right, the PvE currencies are getting removed. Justice and Valor vendors will offer their wares for gold instead. Did you want to spend your VP on upgrades? That’s fine too, as it now costs Lesser Charm of Good Fortune.
  • Bonus is bonus. Reroll tokens (such as Warforged Seal) got their cap raised to 20, and their weekly limit removed.
  • Spirits of Harmony At long last, these are no longer bound – so feel free to mail them to alts, or sell them on the AH. And they also stack to 200 now!

And much more!

Hop over into the game, and give it a shot. Only one month until expansion, so make sure to grab as many goodies as possible!

And, if you happen to have been inactive for a long time (can’t blame you for that!) and find yourself kicked, just poke an officer for an invite back!

Pride will be our downfall…! Or was it the other way around?

Allegedly, it is bad to take pride in our accomplishments. But since Norushen got owned bad, there’s nobody left to tell us off for doing it, so…

FUCK YEAH! DO WE RULE OR WHAT?Right we got that off our chests. And as a bonus, we got to take other stuff off another chest that someone happened to leave there. Epics for everyone!*
(actually, not at all, but don’t make people jelly!)

In short? Under a more-heroic-than-average setting, Pride was defeated, and even greater Pride was taken in doing so. Thus, Pride shall be reborn -by next week presumably-. A neverending cycle. That’s Sha-la-la for you!

No rush! (en)

Who's corrupted? Your momma's corrupted!
Definitely no rush at all…

First night at Norushen on erotic mode yielt the most awesome results. After a whole two attempts (which could have been one, actually) we passed Norushen’s test once more. And to think we were doing it on Normal all these weeks. Why didn’t we do this before!

Another day, another victory! As a prize, he had plenty of Fusion-Fire Cores for all.
Eh… useful. Maybe?

Toilet monster – Redux

Cleaning the toilet. Again.

Would you look at that? Not only didn’t the Golden Lotus pay us to clean their toilet the first time – they let it grow even bigger and -of course- smellier! And instead of apologizing for not cleaning after themselves, they go and call it “heroic”. Outrageous, isn’t it!

Following his line, Lorewalker Cho acknowledged the problem, then denied everything, and decided it wasn’t his problem – even though the massive poo-beast living under his house. Who would tell us those amazing stories if Cho had drowned…? Wait a minute, what do you mean you could read the books yourself?  Pah!

So, once more, we had to clean the panda toilet. Quite methodically, and without a doubt, succesfully! Despite the amount of accumulated poop, our raiders came out fairly clean and shiny (as the picture shows), bagging our first Heroic kill in Siege of Orgrimmar.


Merry X-SMASH!!!

Merry Xmas!
So… Hello everyone!

As many of you know, we have hosted a Xmas giveaway. And I have to say, it was a great success! What started out as a single gift from the Guild Leader to a random member quickly escalated – and thanks to everyone’s contributions, we ended up having not one, but two gifts for all of the participants! How’s that for Xmas spirit!

You see, we moved to Everlook and even dressed for the ocassion…. Okaaaay, only Cikena did. The other two just look like the sort of people you should never take presents from, nor leave alone near your children. But hey, Santa hats are cool, no?

The giveaway was fun, even if it took a bit longer than expected. But we learned a thing or two about Blizzard’s opinion on presents while at it! For example, that posting a link to a wrapped gift posts a link to its contents instead; or that there’s a limit as to how many gifts one can send. Papa Schlein is not amused!

Here is the video, if you want to see us sitting down for several minutes, constantly rolling the same numbers, and even getting called “faggots” by a passing Huntard… The Greench got nothin’ on that guy! ;)

See you soon, everyone! Happy Holidays, Shadow Wolves!